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121  Coaching


121 Growth Coaching programme

For female entrepreneurs committed to impacting the world, whilst creating an unlimited life of purpose, abundance and joy

This bespoke programme is the next step in your evolution to become the woman you are here to be.

IMPACT has been designed for leaders who have a vision not only for themselves but for how they can use their unique gifts to empower, inspire and impact those they work with, in the knowledge, that doing so will create a ripple effect that changes the world.

This programme is not for the faint-hearted. But it is for you if you are looking for a high level of support and accountability whilst you undertake the deeply transformational inner work that will enable you to create space for the business expansion you desire and deserve.

Are you ready to go all in and work with me intensively on your personal growth?

Packages start at £5555

Do You…


Feel restless or frustrated, knowing at your core that you are meant for more success and abundance than you are currently experiencing?


Wake up feeling like your nervous system is on fire – you can’t stop your thoughts from racing straight to your never-ending to-do list? 


Get caught in constant cycles of doing too much, sacrificing precious time with your kids and partner? Overdelivering, but still not seeing the growth you desire?  


Feel as though you have lost sight of your big vision because you are so caught up in the here and now and everything that needs to get done? 


Feel emotionally exhausted and frustrated that there is never enough time and energy to do what you truly want?


Compare yourself to others and feel like you are so far behind, even though you know you are an expert at what you do? 


Long to flourish financially, not just get by, but have no idea how to balance building a successful business with creating time for you and the people who matter to you most?


Feel like you keep repeating the same cycles of behaviours and results in your life and are finding it hard to change on your own without accountability and support?


Recognise that you will not be satisfied ticking along for the next year without making any progress, when you know you could be more and help so many more people?

Are you committed to…

Get ridiculously clear on who you are, and what you really want and live and grow your business in alignment with your values, your passions and your priorities?

Overcome EVERYTHING that is holding you back, so you can step into your ultimate potential?

Be openminded to a range of tools and techniques for letting go of old beliefs, thoughts, feelings and habits and RAISING your energy to align with the future you want to manifest?

Learn strategies for living your life on purpose and in accordance with what matters to you most, every, single day?

Become empowered to pursue your hopes, dreams and aspirations?

Set clear intentions for your life and have clear actionable steps to take to achieve them?

Receive support, encouragement and accountability from me every step of the way? 

It’s time to take the next steps!!

In as little as 4 months your life could look so different.

This programme is for you if:


You are OPEN MINDED to learning new ideas, tools and strategies


You are COACHABLE – willing to take what you are learning and use it to change your life


You are COMMITTED to letting go of thoughts, beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you


Failure to make and create change is simply NOT AN OPTION for you


READY to rediscover who you truly are, to dream big for your life and take the action steps towards your goals


You have a GENERALLY POSITIVE outlook on life and BELIEVE that you can change your life with my support, encouragement and guidance


You are READY to experience an UNLIMITED LIFE, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


You are EXCITED and ready to experience how your life will look in a few weeks’ time when you have created a life of ultimate PURPOSE and JOY,  and ABUNDANCE

It’s your time to Flourish!

I have limited spaces to work with me 121, so if your intuition is nudging you to take action, this is your sign. Book a discovery call with me today.

I look forward to speaking with you.